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Advanced Composite and Additive Manufacturing

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Compression Molded Carbon Fiber Components

From small consumer products to large oil and gas fittings, Karman Innovations can provide a solution for the production of your compression molded carbon fiber parts. Available carbon fiber composites include, but are not limited to, Epoxy, Polyimide, BMI, PPS, PEEK, PEI and PAEK. Our in house design and tooling capabilities allow for lead times as short as 10 days. We also machine test pieces from our billet forged carbon fiber to provide the look and feel of a finished part without the investment in tooling.


Compression Molds

Cost effective compression molds are the basis of our forged carbon fiber manufacturing. Utilizing in house CNC machining and advanced mold flow simulations, we manage the entire life cycle of your parts. Aluminum is the primary choice for short run tooling and can be coated to extend tool life. For all higher volumes and high temp resins, steel tools are required.


Product Development and Prototyping

Whether you are starting out with a napkin drawing, looking to reverse engineer an existing part or transition a metallic component to carbon fiber, Karman Innovations can provide end to end service from concept to production. By combining our unique design perspective and engineering with precision machining and additive manufacturing, we create parts that your customers will love.


Low Cost Composite Tooling

For one off and low volume parts, our low cost composite tools provide an effective solution to quickly bring composite components to market. Utilizing foam, MDF and billet carbon fiber, we are able to turn tools around and begin pulling parts within a week of receiving customer specifications. These tools can be recoated for additional cure cycles or transitioned to production ready tools.


Machining Services

Karman Innovations specializes in the machining of carbon fiber and other composite materials for the oil and gas, energy and aerospace markets. Our 3 and 4 axis precision machining is available in envelopes up to 4' x 8' x 1'.  We stock a wide range of billet carbon fiber composites for machining in thicknesses up to 6".


Additive Manufacturing

Karman Innovations' custom additive manufacturing solutions help our customers produce low volume field ready components with properties that meet or exceed their current metal or composite components. Our proprietary high temperature and high strength FFF polymers provide strength ratings similar to aluminum at half the weight and with the design freedom allowed by additive manufacturing. We produce a variety of high temperature filaments including PC/CF, PEKK/CF and Liquid Crystal Polymer.


Carbon Fiber Pipeline Repair Wrap OEM Services

With over 15 years of experience in the the carbon fiber pipeline repair market, Karman Innovations can provide turn key solutions to service companies for the implementation of the latest in composite technologies for the repair and reinforcement of oil, gas, water and process piping. We provide both wet layup epoxy and urethane wraps as well as carbon fiber prepregs capable of temperatures exceeding 750° F.


High Pressure Carbon Fiber Pipeline Repair Clamps

Designed for use up to 3500 PSI, Karman Innovations carbon fiber pipeline repair clamps are the result of years of research and development. Each clamp is fully manufactured to customer specifications using a high temp/high strength carbon fiber prepreg and then machined to final dimensions. These clamps weigh 85% less than current industry standards and can be designed in any shape and configuration with short lead times. Karman Innovations pipeline repair clamps allow for all of the benefits of composite pipeline repair with the ease of use and quality control of a traditional clamp.

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About Us

With years of expertise and experience, Karman Innovations is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. Every decision we make is inspired by our mission, to provide the highest standard of product and services to our customers.

We were founded with one goal, to constantly lead the market in design and innovation and provide our customers cutting edge technologies that traditional industry participants do not offer. We strive to design and builds parts that challenge the status quo and give our customers a true market advantage.

Our full suite of services is backed by a staff with years of industry experience. We invite you to browse through our products and services and contact us with any questions.

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